I’m Rachal and this blog is where I share all of the random thoughts that pop into my head while going through the daze of marriage and motherhood.


I met my husband, Gavin, on eHarmony and we got married on September 22nd, 2012.  On our approach to five years of pure bliss this coming September, we have added two beautiful and perfect little boys, Camden and Samuel, to the mix. The pure bliss has continued…..who am I kidding. It’s been freakin’ INSANE. The last 5 years have been nothing short of crazy and dramatic. There are days my fitbit tells me I have walked 16,000 steps and I didn’t even exercise. Chasing around two toddlers and making home cooked meals from scratch (aka frozen lasagna) for my tired, working husband has seriously taken a toll on me. But at the same time, we are having so much fun and know this season of life will be over just as quickly as my feet move throughout the day.


I pride myself on trying to stay real in the social media world that has been integrated into our daily lives so very heavily. The posts I feel the most proud of on Facebook are those that laugh at myself and my family, poking fun at the reality of what happened compared to the utopia of what should have happened. In an effort not to utterly annoy my Facebook friends with post after post, I decided to start this blog to express some of the humor and truth that is constantly flowing through my mind as I try to keep my kids alive and happy. (Happy…as in my kids merely not throwing themselves on the ground screaming in public. That’s really the ultimate goal.)


I hope you enjoy the nitty-gritty truth of my life that I share with you. My dream is that it empowers you to be yourself and laugh when things don’t seem perfect. In the end, the imperfections of life are what make everything truly blissful.