I’m Basically Miss Universe 2017

Everyone tells me the stomach flab and stretch marks are here to stay.  It’s just what happens after having kids. I refuse to accept that.  I googled my name the other day to see what magically appeared in the search results. Apparently “Rachel Peters” is not just me, but is a hot chick who was crowned Miss Universe Philippines. I basically thought I was looking at myself when her photo appeared. Hot as fire. I’m not giving up yet. So at 8:40 am after the kids have already watched the entire movie “Moana”, I need something to do. Lately, I have been throwing the boys in the car and going to the gym, bribing them with Dunkin’ Donuts {specifically the chocolate munchkins} if they survive.  Drop off is brutal, but when I run out the door of the nursery and turn the corner, I am home free. Relaxation, HERE I COME. I hit up that elliptical, turn on some Coldplay and it’s like the clock turned back in time when I didn’t have two children, who sometimes feel like weights, attached to my legs. I don’t need to say how much I love them, as my whole identity seems to be about them lately. But sometimes, my gym shoes and a pair of headphones is my heaven. My relaxation.


When I first started this routine, I felt a little guilty, like I should be constantly entertaining my kids since that was my job as a stay-at-home mom.


If you asked me to update my resume, it literally would say “stay-at-home mom,” which is synonymous with entertainer, cook, housekeeper, teacher, protector, etc. Not “Rachel Peters, Miss Universe Philippines, who needs to be in the gym.”


That 20 minutes or so on the elliptical started becoming longer and longer. I convinced myself to run/jog/hyperventilate on the treadmill afterwards.  Then over time, I jumped on the weight machines and lifted after that.  I eventually started using up the entire 2 hours that my kids were allowed to be in childcare. Now, don’t be fooled. I’m not in the “cardio heart rate zone” the entire 2 hours. I’ll stretch for a solid 38 minutes, because why the hell not. “Opps, this arm feels a littttttle tight. I should probably stretch it again. Yes, I’ll take another cocktail please. Oh wait, wrong place. I’m still at the gym.”


Instead of feeling guilty over this, I have transitioned to feeling a) grateful and b) really grateful. I’m first off grateful that my kids are getting exposure to other human beings other than my perfect self. They need to see other people do, in fact, exist.  And they need to learn to communicate with these humans and wait patiently while other humans are playing with something or dealing with someone else. But I feel REALLY grateful that I have this opportunity as a stay-at-home mom. Although financially grateful is a part of it, the main component is the time. Working moms are kicking ass in the workforce, literally supporting their kids and making sure food gets on the table. They don’t all have the luxury of going to the gym while their kids interact with other humans. Their kids interact with other humans at daycare while the working moms are stressed and probably running around like a chicken with their heads cut off. {Seriously, I used to be a working mom. I will never feel accomplished like I did back then.} However, for now, I will be selfish in a way that benefits my kids, and I will go to the gym and take a ridiculous 38 minutes to stretch the same arm. Because my kids get to interact with other humans. And I don’t have to interact with them. And why the hell not?

5 thoughts on “I’m Basically Miss Universe 2017

  1. Yeah, but it autocorrected your google search of “Rachal” to the correct spelling of “Rachel”, so, ya know, you COULD have been a famous beauty queen if you didn’t have such a messed up name 😉 hehehehe *
    *this comment approved and endorsed by Dave

    Also, great choice and shout out to Coldplay for also being my “go to” on the tredmill; more specifically 2000’s Parachutes and 2002’s A Rush of Blood to the Head. So so good to workout to and get into the zone.Takes me right back to those glory years man. Takes me right back.

    1. OH Those are my favorite albums FOR SURE. But I’m digging Head Full of Dreams for working out. There is a part of it that says “my heart goes boom boom boom boom” that makes me feel like Chris Martin just gets me. hahah

      1. OH and tell Dave to shut it and that I’m only friends with him because of you. heheh kidding (or am i? )

  2. I envy your motivation to get to the gym. I feel like the only time I have with Scarlett is the evenings when I’m home from work and once she’s in bed, I’m wiped! Give me your motivation, pronto! And also your body after two kids. #jealous #yesijusthashtaggedyourblog

    1. OH MY GOSH, first off, when I worked (just quit my job a month ago since I was making basically the same amount as I was paying for daycare), I NEVER worked out. It’s way too hard when you work alllll day, deal with dinner, clean up, bed time etc. I’m lucky that my parents paid for a summer pool membership for me that has a gym and nursery. I use the gym as a “break”. No clue what I will do once summer ends. And thanks so much for checking this out, it makes so much to me. Tell Scarlett hi!! She’s SO CUTE.

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